Lift Kits & Leveling Kits in Wake Forest, NC

Want better vehicle performance? Adding lift kits or leveling kits to your ride can add style while also giving you improved performance – both on the road and off the road.

At Wakefield Auto, Truck, and Van, we are the go-to experts for lift kits and leveling kits in Wake Forest, NC and the surrounding areas. Stop by our automotive shop today, or give us a call at (919)-554-9890 to learn more about what we can do for your vehicle.

Truck Lift Kits in Wake Forest

At Wakefield Auto, Truck, and Van, we carry a large supply of lift and leveling kits for your truck and SUV. Whether you have a pickup truck, Jeep, Ford F-250, or some other type of heavy-duty vehicle, we can help.

Some common types of lift kits include:

  • Lifted Spring Suspension Lift Kits (most common)
  • Shackle Suspension Lift Kits
  • Shackle Reverse Lift Kits
  • Coil Suspension Lift Kits

Get the look you want and the performance to match with our truck leveling kits and lift kits. All of our lift kits and leveling kits come from top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Call us today, and let our team of professionals help you find the best lift kit or leveling kit for your ride!

Why Choose Leveling Kits for Your Truck, Car, or SUV?

Leveling kits offer drivers amazing vehicle performance – both on and off the road. Whether you’re interested in putting bigger tires on your pickup truck or Jeep to give off a more aggressive look – or if you’re simply interested in being able to improve the performance of your vehicle when you take it off-roading – our leveling kits deliver!

Whereas a lift kits are intended to produce an even lift of a vehicle, leveling kits will provide additional lift for either the front or rear end of one. This makes leveling kits particularly useful on vehicles where weight distribution causes a vehicle to have an uneven stance.

As with the different types of lift kits available, there are several “common” types of leveling kits, each which serves a slightly different function. These include:

• Block Leveling Kits
• Torsion Key Leveling Kits
• Coil Spring Spacer Leveling Kits
• Strut Extension Leveling Kits

Benefits of Leveling Kits

There are several reasons to purchase a leveling kit for your car, truck, or SUV. Some of these include:

• Customized to your vehicle
• Improved ride quality
• Improved ride performance (ex: off-road, on the highway, towing, etc.)
• Improved ride look
• And More!

Speak to one of our team members today, and learn about the different ways we can help you improve your vehicle look and performance with lift kits and leveling kits from Wakefield Auto, Truck, and Van.

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