Safety Tips for Driving in Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The leaves falling on the ground and the cooler temperatures seem to have a way of putting excitement in the air.  Unfortunately, though, autumn also brings some dangers for drivers.

In fact, driving in the fall can be quite dangerous, at least if you don’t know how to do it correctly and if you don’t have quality custom tires to keep you safe. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on both counts!

#1 – Watch Out for Children

To start off with, most children start school in the fall, many of them for the first time. This means that they may not know the proper protocol for crossing roads, getting on and off the bus safely, and all of that. For this reason, when driving in autumn, be on the lookout for children who have wandered into the road.

Also, always stay alert and attentive. School buses make frequent stops, and you don’t want to illegally pass one or accidentally run into the back of one.

#2 – Be Careful About Leaves

Most lists of driving safety tips don’t include warnings about leaves. But, believe it or not, wet leaves are actually quite hazardous and slippery. And, of course, leaves are everywhere in autumn so you’ll want to be mindful when you see them on the road.

If you must drive through leaves, do so slowly and carefully, being sure not to do a “hard brake” at any point.

#3 – Keep An Eye Out for Deer

Finally, remember that autumn is primetime for deer! They come out to breed and will often dart in front of your car, which can lead to a wreck.

Keep your eyes open for deer to avoid hitting them. Furthermore, avoid driving at sunset and sunrise when possible since this is when these animals are most active.

Following these safety tips and getting a high quality set of custom tires is your best bet for staying safe as you drive this fall. To get great, safe tires for any season, contact us at Wakefield Auto, Truck & Van!

Did you know that manufacturers recommend checking your Climate Control Air Conditioning systems every two years to help keep your family cool? This usually means evacuating the refrigerant gas, replacing the lubricating oil, and carrying out a system leak test.

Over time the air conditioning gases escape causing the engine to vibrate, piping to move and rubber rings to expand and contract, resulting in leakage. This worsens if the air-con is not used during the winter months as with no oil passing through the system, the small rubber “O” ring seals can dry out resulting in increased leakage and a gradual deterioration in performance.

See the latest AutoFacts video to learn how your car’s air conditioning system works.

If your car air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, needs a regas, or you haven’t had it serviced for a long time, now is your moment. Go ahead, book a Repco Authorised Service $99 car air conditioning service today*.

Did you know the state of your air conditioning system doesn’t just impact the temperature of your car?  If you are experiencing bad smells coming from the air ventilation system, this may be caused by a build-up of bacteria. As your car ages, or when the air conditioning systems are used infrequently, bacteria, micro-organisms, mould and fungus start growing behind the dash panel on the evaporator causing some very unpleasant odours which can be harmful to your family.  Thankfully, it’s good to know that cleaning your system is an easy and inexpensive process at your local Repco Authorised Service Centre.

You can also find out more about air conditioning systems here

Most cars these days are fitted with power steering, which essentially means that a pump assists with the steering to make it easier to turn the wheels, even when the car is stationary.  The steering rack is connected to the front wheels and it’s the rack that allows the car to turn corners. This sound simple in practice, however it is a bit more complex and the power steering system needs to be checked regularly to ensure it is working properly.

The largest cause of failure in this system is a worn power steering pump which will not only operate ineffectively, but they can also contaminate the steering hydraulics with metal particles. These are the most likely cause of damage to components in the system such as damaged fluid seals, sticky valves and scored shafts and power bores.

Leaking hydraulic pipes that drive the steering pump can also be an issue and need checking and from time to time, or replacing, as part of your regular service. You can learn more about your power steering system by viewing our new AutoFacts video here.

If you have any concerns with your power steering call your local Repco Authorised Service centre today.

If you want to keep your motor running without heat or friction developing you really need to get your bearings right.

So, what are wheel bearings and why are they important?

Like all moving parts on a car, bearings are subject wear and tear. You may have heard the term ‘pack the bearings’ which means packing the bearings with grease to keep them moving freely.

As some bearings are in sealed units, when it comes time to change them the whole unit is replaced.

One of the bearings subject to a lot of wear are the wheel bearings which are positioned in the hub which the wheel is bolted to.

If a wheel bearing starts to wear there will be free play in the wheel and if not replaced it will eventually collapse. The good news is, when you bring your car into your REPCO Authorised Service Centre for a service, your bearings are inspected as part of their 65 point safety check.

View our latest AutoFact video, it will help you get your bearings on this subject.

Wheel Bearings aren’t just important in your car, the bearings in your caravan, camper and trailer also need regular attention.

Learn more about regular servicing on these vehicles and find one of our specialists.

We are proud to be long term supporters of the fantastic work that the Starlight Children’s Foundation does for sick children.

So, what is it that Starlight does and why is it so important?  Happiness is a part of total health care, and the Starlight Children’s Foundation supports kids, teenagers and their families all over Australia. Every minute of every day a child is admitted to hospital in Australia. Starlight brightens the lives of sick kids and their families, turning fear, pain and stress into fun, joy and laughter. Last year Starlight supported 145,000 seriously ill children, teens and their families – regardless of illness, injury or age.

Recently, Mr Peter Webb, Repco Authorised Service National Manager attended a special day at a Starlight Express Room to see first-hand the amazing work being done.  Mr Webb explains why the Starlight Children’s Foundation is the chosen charity of RAS. “Like many of our workshop owners, I’m a parent and a grandparent, so it was a pretty simple decision to make. What better way to help than to bring a little hope and joy into a sick child’s life?”

Friday May 1st is Starlight Day. To support this initiative Repco Authorised Service will be making a donation on behalf of each of the 360 independent mechanical businesses Nationwide.